Using Hulu Plus and Netflix instead of Cable

After two very expensive cable bills, we finally cut the cord. We rarely watched shows live, and relied mostly on our DVR to record the shows that we wanted to watch. While the DVR solution worked for us, we were only using a small fraction of what we paid for with our cable service. So with that, we signed up for Netflix and Hulu Plus, and gave Cable the boot. So far so good! Here’s what we’ve noticed:

The Good

  • Obviously, our monthly costs are much lower. We’re saving about $50 a month, and we still get the HD shows that we watch on our TV.
  • The PS3 Hulu Plus app is awesome. The quality is as good as, if not better than Cable. Granted, we have great internet, so latency hasn’t been an issue.
  • The PS3 Netflix app is even better. I tried the old disc-based streaming service, and it was…awful. The new downloadable app is very fast, and streaming starts immediately. Did I mention 5.1 audio? I’m sold.
  • Device support is great for me. Both Hulu Plus and Netflix apps are available on the following devices that I own: PS3, Wii, iPhone, iPad, and Computers. Like I mentioned before, I’ve been really pleased with the performance of these apps.

The Bad

  • We’re still missing some shows. Conan’s new talk show isn’t available through Hulu (yet!) and we don’t get the Food Network shows on Hulu either.
  • Rewinding on the Hulu Plus PS3 app isn’t perfect. Thankfully, we don’t have to use that too often.
  • Commercials on Hulu Plus. “A paid service, and you still get commercials!?” Yes. Just like Cable. It doesn’t bug me that much, because you generally see 2 minutes of commercials during an entire episode. To make up for it, there are no commercials on Netflix.

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